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Lansing Center Parking

The City of Lansing Parking Authority manages all parking in the downtown Lansing area. Convenient parking is located in several nearby locations.

Parking under the Lansing Center is available through the City of Lansing at $6.00 per entry, per day.

Please call the Parking Services office 517.483.4240 or e-mail the Parking Services office  to make parking arrangements for your event.

Visit  for additional parking information, including maps and construction updates.

Download Lansing Center Downtown Parking Map
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The City of Lansing wants you to know that parking lots located north and under the Lansing Center are automated.

There will be a pay on foot machine in the lower level lobby area of Lansing Center.
This area is located on the “parking” level of the building. The pay-on-foot machine is for parking fee payments for the lots located just north and under Lansing Center. Credit card payments are available at all exits and at the pay-on-foot station. The pay-on-foot machine will accept cash, coupons or credit card payments.

To park in a Lansing Center lot:

  1. Pull a time ticket to enter the lot.
  2. Park your vehicle.
  3. TAKE THE TIME TICKET WITH YOU. Don’t bend or damage the ticket.

When you are ready to leave:

  1. Proceed to the parking level in the Lansing Center.
  2. Insert the time ticket in the appropriate slot of the pay-on-foot machine.
    After the ticket is inserted, the machine will display the parking fee.
  3. Insert payment (cash, coupon or credit card).
    The machine will dispense change if you don’t have the exact amount.
  4. Press the blue receipt button to request a receipt. 
  5. The blue button is located under the word receipt and wait for your receipt.
  6. Retrieve the ticket from the pay station.
  7. Proceed to your vehicle and exit lane.

At the exit lane:

  1. Insert your ticket (paid at the pay station) into the exit verifier (yellow machine).
    The gate will raise.

City of Lansing
Parking Services
219 N. Grand Avenue
Lansing, MI  48933

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