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The staff at Lansing Center is dedicated to making your life as easy as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our general line or an appropriate staff member for all the help you need.

For general inquiries, contact:
Julie Ankney, Main Desk Receptionist
Phone: 517-483-7400
Fax: 517-483-7439
E-mail: info@lepfa.com

For sales, call 517-483-7400 ext.207 or email us at sales@lepfa.com. A sales team member will respond to your message within one business day.


Lansing Center
333 E. Michigan Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933


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Department Contacts

Ryan Tess, Operations Technical Services Manager
517-908-4035, ryan.tess@lepfa.com

Darron MacKinder, Technical Services Coordinator
517-908-4015, darron.mackinder@lepfa.com


Angela Sees, Event Services Manager
517-908-4030, angela.sees@lepfa.com

Donna Roy, Senior Event Coordinator
517-908-4041, donna.roy@lepfa.com

Justice Shankel, Event Coordinator
517-908-4040, justice.shankel@lepfa.com

Jake Quertermous, Event Coordinator
517-908-4031, jake.quertermous@lepfa.com

Ryan Tess, Operations Technical Services Manager
517-908-4035 ryan.tess@lepfa.com

Melissa Zemer, Operations Services Coordinator
517-483-7400 ext. 251 melissa.zemer@lepfa.com

Kristy Doak, CMP, CTA Director of Sales
(517) 908-4009 kristy.doak@lepfa.com

Marci Sullivan, Sales and Service Assistant
(517) 908-4207 marci.sullivan@lepfa.com

Security Office ext. 218

Scott Keith, President & CEO
517-908-4008 scott.keith@lepfa.com

Heidi Brown, VP of Administration/HR
517-908-4002  heidi.brown@lepfa.com

Tristan Wright, VP of Operations
517-908-4004 tristan.wright@lepfa.com

Paul Ntoko, VP of Food and Beverage
517-908-4006 paul.ntoko@lepfa.com

Mindy Biladeau, VP of Sales and Services
517-908-4037 mindy.biladeau@lepfa.com

Kirby Doidge, VP of Finance
517-908-4003 kirby.doidge@lepfa.com