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Special Event

What is Lansing Center’s weapons policy?

The weapons policy for all LEPFA properties is as follows: Carrying guns, pistols, or other weapons is prohibited, except (1) as specifically permitted by law or (2) exempt from local regulation by law.

Do you require liability insurance?

Lansing Center is owned by the City of Lansing and requires $1 million in general liability insurance coverage for all events booked within the facility. Clients can choose to use their own coverage or they can purchase coverage through our insurance provider at a minimum of $100.00 for four days coverage; this is not a revenue generator for Lansing Center, but a service that is offered. Either way, an insurance certificate showing coverage with Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority named as additional insured is required before an event is allowed to begin.

How early can I access the building to start my set-up?

You can access the building upon the start time indicated on your facility contract. That can be scheduled as early as 6am or earlier if necessary.

When do I have to be out of the building after my event?

You will be expected to vacate the premises upon the contracted end time for your event. There is some leeway with these times, but scheduling of our facility personnel is generally worked around event start and end times. Overtime labor costs are the responsibility of the event contractee, should it be incurred with a delay in exit.

How do I load in and load out and where can I do it?

Load in and load out are very easily accessible through our exhibitor loading dock area located off of South Cedar, north of Michigan Avenue. You will work with your event coordinator to schedule load in and out times and the necessary labor that will be needed. Security personnel are used to facilitate traffic with the area and also to ensure the safety and security of Lansing Center clients.

What signage is available? Can I bring in my own signs?

Signage other than the normal building signage placed throughout the facility is the responsibility of the event organizer. Your event coordinator will assist with placement of signage and scheduling of any equipment or labor needed to do so. Easels are available for rent and some signage can be placed with other means approved in advance and within building policy. Your event coordinator is the best guide for sign placement.

I have decided to book the Lansing Center. What is required to hold space and what happens next?

The first step in holding an event at Lansing Center is to contact a Lansing Center sales representative (sales@lepfa.com or 483-7400 ext. 209). They will be happy to check date and space availability for you. Once it is determined that your date and space requirements are available, your Lansing Center sales representative can place a hold on it for you. Space is held on a first right of refusal basis, meaning that until another customer is ready to contract that space on that date and has a deposit in hand, you are given first right to contract that space over the challenging client. Once you have decided to commit to your date and space, your sales representative will draw up a contract for you to sign. Once countersigned by a facility representative and a deposit is paid, your event is considered a “definite” booking and our internal processes kick into gear. You will be assigned an event coordinator, who will help with all of your event setup requirements, and a catering coordinator who will assist with your food and beverage needs.

Do you offer security? Will it be required?

Security is always available at cost for any event that requests it. Event planners can work with our event coordinator to obtain a quote for security service. Security personnel are required by the facility, at customer cost, for any function that has bar services attached to it, such as wedding receptions. One security personnel per 100 people is the requirement, with a possible security supervisor assigned as the number of attendees increases. Security personnel are paid on a four hour minimum basis. Your event coordinator can help determine what will be needed.

Can I rent the building exclusively?

Exclusive rental of Lansing Center is possible. Check with Lansing Center sales department for dates of availability and a cost quote: sales@lepfa.com or (517) 483-7400 ext. 209.

Is there a charge to change my room setup during my event?

Depending on how extensive the change, room sets that require a change after the initial set has occurred can incur labor charges to reset. Your event coordinator can help you with your setup requirements and how best to avoid extra charges.

Is there a charge for Wi-Fi?

Lansing Center offers a wireless network access to all building attendees. The cost varies depending on the speed needed. If you are an event planner, your event coordinator can help you determine what will work best for you and also obtain a discounted quote for large groups. Attendees and exhibitors, please open your device's browser and follow the prompts to pay with a credit card and receive a password to begin using our Wi-Fi service. 

What does rent include?

Rental fees include all of the contracted space needed for you event along with initial room sets for attendee functions such as general sessions, breakout sessions, meal functions and receptions. A limited number of registration tables and some staging are also included. Rental costs do not include ancillary costs such as A/V equipment, electric power needed for customer or exhibitor equipment, vendor/ exhibitor tables, chairs in excess of the amount allotted for any one space or extra labor needs that are requested. Your event coordinator will assist in guiding through expenses past your rental fee.

Is there a cost for staging?

All spaces have a pre-determined amount of staging included with their rental. 4’ x 8’ staging sections can be rented in excess of what is allotted per space. View pricing here

Is there a charge for registration tables?

All events will receive (2) linen and skirted registration tables. Your event coordinator will work with you on any requirements you have past your initial allotment.

Do you charge for electric?

Yes there is a charge for electric access. Your event coordinator can help you determine what you will need and the cost associated with it.

How long can a food buffet be available for our meal?

Due to food safety concerns for our guests, most items will be removed after (1.5) hours exposure time. From a food quality standpoint, we recommend a maximum of (1) hour duration. Please keep in mind the amount of food available is based on the guaranteed meal count received rather than the serving time.

Can we request a special brand of liquor/wine?

Depending on the requested product and season, we are often able to custom order specialty alcohol items such as craft beers, specialty liquors, and seasonal wines. These items are typically considered special orders and are not subject to cancellation, refunds or removal from premises. Due to availability and the ordering process, please have your selections ready at least (30) days prior so that we may ensure delivery for your event. Our Catering Sales Coordinators will be happy to discuss additional special order terms and conditions that apply.

Can we take leftover food or beverages home with us?

Due to liability issues and food safety concerns for our guests, all food and beverage is to be consumed on the premises. Leftover food that meets safety parameters to be redistributed will be donated to Greater Lansing Food Bank’s Food Movers. This program uses their refrigerated trucks and trained personnel to donate safe food product to area missions and churches that serve the less fortunate. Please keep in mind that all alcohol must be consumed on our premises.

Do you serve special dietary and/or gluten free food?

Yes, we have menu items that meet many of our guests’ special dietary needs. The event planner shall provide these meal requirements in advance when the guaranteed meal counts are due.

Can I bring in alcohol or outside food into Lansing Center?

In accordance with State of Michigan Law, absolutely NO alcohol can be brought onto the premises by clients, vendors or attendees. Outside alcohol found on premises will result in confiscation and the possibility of bar service ending at that point and time.

Lansing Center’s food and beverage department is the exclusive supplier for all food and beverage service on premises. No outside food or beverages will be allowed to be brought into Lansing Center, with the exception of wedding cakes. In certain cases, ethnic food via a licensed caterer may be arranged for approved food functions. Please contact a Catering Sales Coordinator for further information and pricing for outside catering options.