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ADA Guidelines

In 1990, the federal government passed a set of laws designed to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination. This law is known as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority (LEPFA) strives to provide all guests with an equal opportunity to participate in all services, programs, and activities. This includes those guests with special needs resulting from physical or mental disabilities. In order to achieve an equal opportunity for all guests, LEPFA has implemented policies and procedures that have heightened awareness of the needs of disabled individuals.

LEPFA management has instituted a comprehensive ADA plan designed to focus on the overall satisfaction for guests with disabilities. Individuals, who would like to review our ADA policies, may review the copy located at the administration office reception desk.

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Lansing Center

Accessible doors are located at the following entrances to Lansing Center:

  • Main entrance off of Michigan Ave.
  • Pedestrian walkway entrance located near the café.
  • Lower level entrance located adjacent to the parking under Lansing Center.

Cooley Law School Stadium

Cooley Law School Stadium does not have automated accessible doors. Staff is available on event days to provide access to all areas of the park and assist guests with mobility impairments.

Lansing City Market

Lansing City Market does not have automated accessible doors. Main doors on all sides of the building are designed to be handicapped accessible.

Accessible seating is provided for all events produced by LEPFA. If you require special seating for a non-ticketed private event, please notify your event planner and LEPFA will make special arrangements to provide accessible seating for your event.

Receivers are available for all events and provided free of charge. LEPFA assistive-listening systems are portable and require technicians to place in locations in advance of events. Guests who require assistive-listening devices should contact their event planner or our main reception line at 517-483-7400, ext 0 to ensure a system will be available prior to attending your scheduled function.

Concession stands are designed with open fronts and staff are trained to assist guests with special needs in addressing their needs relating to food and beverage purchases.

Accessible drop-off areas are located in several locations around LEPFA facilities.

Lansing Center

Exhibitor Access: For accessible access to the Exhibit Halls for exhibiting, exhibitors are permitted to drop off at the dock entrances to Halls A, B and C, located in the parking area on the east end of the facility.

Guest Access: Drop-off locations are located on the south side of Lansing Center on Michigan Ave. Additional drop-off locations are located on City Market Dr. located under Lansing Center.

Cooley Law School Stadium

Guest Access: Drop off locations are located on the south end of the stadium in the parking areas immediately adjacent to the main entrances.

Lansing City Market

Guest Access: Accessible access is located at one of the six entrances into the facility.

Lansing Center

Public elevators are located in the Main Concourse of Lansing Center. These elevators provide access to the lower level (parking areas), the main concourse and the second floor where meeting rooms and the administrative offices are located.

Cooley Law School Stadium

Public elevators are located in the main lobby at the entrance to the suite/club section level. These elevators provide access to the suites, club area, announcers' booth, locker rooms and the mobility impaired seating located at the field level. Additional elevators are located on the first and third base lines providing access to dining and seating areas located near each dugout.

Lansing City Market

There are no public elevators located at the City Market as it is a single-floor facility.

LEPFA will make every effort to provide sign interpreters to guests with hearing impairments. We request 30 days advance notice to provide this service to our guests.

Lansing Center

Accessible parking is available for guests with mobility impairments in lot 19 located under Lansing Center. Additional mobility-impaired parking is available on the 3rd level of the North Grand Ramp which is attached to Lansing Center via a climate-controlled pedestrian walkway.

Cooley Law School Stadium

Accessible parking is conveniently located near the main entrances of the park in the metered plaza lots on the south end of Cooley Law School Stadium. These lots can be accessed off of Cedar and Larch streets.

Lansing City Market

Accessible parking is conveniently located in lots east and west of the Market.

All public restrooms are designed to be accessible to our guests and clients with special needs. Guests will find accessible features within our restrooms and we have provided convenient baby changing stations within our special needs stalls.

Service animals are welcome in LEPFA facilities for guests with special needs. Animals must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times. If you intend to bring a service animal to a LEPFA facility, please contact us at 517-483-7400, ext 0 so we may be able to assist you further.

Public telephones have been removed by the local phone company and are no longer available within the LEPFA-managed facilities. A TTY phone is available for use at the west end of the concourse in the business services area at no additional charge. If you require the use of a TTY phone, please notify your meeting planner and arrangements will be made to facilitate the use of this phone.

LEPFA provides training materials on proper techniques in assisting guests with special needs. A copy of our training manual is available upon request.