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Here is a list of upcoming public and private events happening at the Lansing Center. Select the event name for more information, or sign up for our monthly event newsletter.

The Leona Group 2017 Kickoff "Be the Difference

Aug 25

The Leona Group 2017 Kickoff "Be the Difference"

Lansing Bridal Show

Sep 17

Find everything you need to book your perfect wedding for discounted prices from limos to DJ’s, florists, caterers, decorators, wedding gowns, tuxedos, and more. Fashion show at 3:00pm by Pierres Bridal and Tuxexo.

NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner

Sep 30

Semi-Formal banquet with guest speaker and about 350+ guests who enjoy the fine cuisine and listen to an awards program and guest speaker who will share about civil rights, social justice, and non-discrimination.

LFAD Summit 2017

Oct 6

This event will provide information, business networking, and best practices for
local units of government. It will include presentations from a variety of speakers

Maner Costerisan Solutions Conference

Nov 14

Maner Costerisan Solutions Conference. For more information http://manersolutions.com/events/solutions-conference/ or (517) 886-9528 Christine Strukel $75.00 per person.

24th annual 2018 Spartan Motors Fire Truck Training Conference

Sep 28

Sunday September 30 - Thursday October 4, 2018 8:30am to 4:30pm each day.