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Do you offer security? Will it be required?

Security is always available at cost for any event that requests it. Event planners can work with our event coordinator to obtain a quote for security service. Security personnel are required by the facility, at customer cost, for any function that has bar services attached to it, such as wedding receptions. One security personnel per 100 people is the requirement, with a possible security supervisor assigned as the number of attendees increases. Security personnel are paid on a four hour minimum basis. Your event coordinator can help determine what will be needed.

How do I load in and load out and where can I do it?

Load in and load out are very easily accessible through our exhibitor loading dock area located off of South Cedar, north of Michigan Avenue. You will work with your event coordinator to schedule load in and out times and the necessary labor that will be needed. Security personnel are used to facilitate traffic with the area and also to ensure the safety and security of Lansing Center clients.

Can I send freight directly to Lansing Center?

If there is a service decorator and your booth has a great deal of freight, you will need to contact them for handling. If you have a small amount of freight and you want to ship it directly Lansing Center, make sure you have the name of the event and the exhibitor, as well as the booth number (if known) labelled on the boxes or pallets. Lansing Center has no area for long term storage, so shipments should be received within 48 hours of the event. If the shipment has to be sent early, please arrange with the service decorator for storage and delivery.