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Meeting Planner

Do you provide any centerpieces?

Yes, the Lansing Center is happy to provide the use of complimentary centerpieces for full food functions such as breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. In some cases, a nominal rental fee may apply for those functions not meeting minimal food and beverage purchase requirements.

What does rent include?

Rental fees include all of the contracted space needed for you event along with initial room sets for attendee functions such as general sessions, breakout sessions, meal functions and receptions. A limited number of registration tables and some staging are also included. Rental costs do not include ancillary costs such as A/V equipment, electric power needed for customer or exhibitor equipment, vendor/ exhibitor tables, chairs in excess of the amount allotted for any one space or extra labor needs that are requested.

Is there a charge for Wi-Fi?

Lansing Center offers a wireless network access to all building attendees. The cost varies depending on the speed needed. If you are an event planner, your event coordinator can help you determine what will work best for you and also obtain a discounted quote for large groups. Attendees and exhibitors, please open your device's browser and follow the prompts to pay with a credit card and receive a password to begin using our Wi-Fi service. 

Do you offer security? Will it be required?

Security is always available at cost for any event that requests it. Event planners can work with our event coordinator to obtain a quote for security service. Security personnel are required by the facility, at customer cost, for any function that has bar services attached to it, such as wedding receptions. One security personnel per 100 people is the requirement, with a possible security supervisor assigned as the number of attendees increases. Security personnel are paid on a four hour minimum basis. Your event coordinator can help determine what will be needed.