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Meeting Planner

I have decided to book the Lansing Center. What is required to hold space and what happens next?

The first step in holding an event at Lansing Center is to contact a Lansing Center sales representative (sales@lepfa.com or 483-7400 ext. 209). They will be happy to check date and space availability for you. Once it is determined that your date and space requirements are available, your Lansing Center sales representative can place a hold on it for you.

What signage is available? Can I bring in my own signs?

Signage other than the normal building signage placed throughout the facility is the responsibility of the event organizer. Your event coordinator will assist with placement of signage and scheduling of any equipment or labor needed to do so. Easels are available for rent and some signage can be placed with other means approved in advance and within building policy. Your event coordinator is the best guide for sign placement.

How do I load in and load out and where can I do it?

Load in and load out are very easily accessible through our exhibitor loading dock area located off of South Cedar, north of Michigan Avenue. You will work with your event coordinator to schedule load in and out times and the necessary labor that will be needed. Security personnel are used to facilitate traffic with the area and also to ensure the safety and security of Lansing Center clients.

When do I have to be out of the building after my event?

You will be expected to vacate the premises upon the contracted end time for your event. There is some leeway with these times, but scheduling of our facility personnel is generally worked around event start and end times. Overtime labor costs are the responsibility of the event contractee, should it be incurred with a delay in exit.

Do you require liability insurance?

Lansing Center is owned by the City of Lansing and requires $1 million in general liability insurance coverage for all events booked within the facility. Clients can choose to use their own coverage or they can purchase coverage through our insurance provider at a minimum of $100.00 for four days coverage; this is not a revenue generator for Lansing Center, but a service that is offered. Either way, an insurance certificate showing coverage with Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority named as additional insured is required before an event is allowed to begin.