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Planner Timeline

Now that you are considering Lansing Center as your host venue, our sales representatives can guide you through facility options available, helping secure just what you need to accommodate all aspects of your event. You can place space on hold on a "first right of refusal" basis until you are ready to complete the contracting process. Should another customer inquire about your space on hold, ready to commit to that space with a contract and deposit, you will be contacted first and given "first rights" to contract your space. Once you have made the decision to entrust your event to Lansing Center, it is up to us to help fulfill the vision of what you want your event to be.

Your signed contract and deposit initiates our internal processes and begins the fulfillment of your event success. You will be assigned an event coordinator, who will contact you to begin building your event. Lansing Center event coordinators are part of a team of experienced operations professionals who are thoroughly familiar with the policies, procedures, and services of Lansing Center. The major function of your event coordinator is to gather all event information and distribute it to other teams within our facility providing your event’s security, set-up, audio-visual and production needs, and utilities requirements. They will also be the contact for any outside decorating company and entertainment you may be contracting for your event. Your event coordinator will ensure that all the logistics involved with coordinating the many facets of your event will be addressed.

Your event coordinator will be your key to event success, but they do not work alone. You will also be assigned a catering coordinator, who will work specifically with all of your food and beverage needs. Your catering coordinator represents an experienced, talented and well respected team of food and beverage professionals. They will assist and advise you on the best plans for your meal, bar and concession services. Experienced in all aspects of event food service, our catering coordinators will make this part of your planning an easy and seamless process. They will guide you through menu ideas and options and help insure your confidence that your event attendees will be well taken care of and satisfied.

Receiving your event information in a timely manner will assist in our ability to provide excellent support to your event. Our Event Planning Checklist is designed to help you with this.  


Questions? Contact our sales team at sales@lepfa.com. A member of our sales team will contact you within one business day.