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Equipment Rental

Selecting the correct room set equipment for events is key to engineering smoothly run and enjoyable events. Our vast inventory gives you the ability to select the options best for your event and attendees.

For assistance selecting equipment or to access the full inventory, please contact your event coordinator or sales representative. Our team is happy to assist you.

Complimentary* Staging

Skirted Staging is provided complimentary as part of standard room sets for the following rooms. All complimentary staging is based on availability.


Two (2) sections of ballrooms = 16' x 8' stage
Four (4) sections of ballrooms = 24 x 12' stage
Eight (8) sections of ballrooms = 32' x 16' stage

Meeting Rooms: 201-205 (12' x 8'), 101-104 (8' x 8')

Groups of two (2) or more = 12' x 8' stage

Exhibit Halls

One (1) Exhibit Hall = 24'x20' stage
Two (2) Exhibit Halls = 32'x24' stage
Three (3) Exhibit Halls = 40'x24' stage

Please note, staging needs that exceed these dimensions will be billed at $45 per additional 4'x8' deck

* Excludes exhibitors

Rental Equipment

The following is a list of commonly requested equipment that can be rented for your event:

Communication Devices

Client Radio (no headset)

$20.00 each

Client Radio (w/ headset)

$30.00 each


Exhibit Chairs

$2.00 each

Brown Leather Chairs

$55.00 each

Gold Chairs

$90.00 each

Café High-Top Tables

$45.00 each

Café Low-Top Tables

$35.00 each

Wood Coffee Tables

$20.00 each

Cocktail Tables

$25.00 each

8 ft. Tables

$9.00 each

8 ft. Classroom Tables

$8.00 each


Linen and Drapery


$6.00 each

Skirted Display Table

$18.00 each

Skirted Display Table w/Linen

$25.00 each

Pipe and Drape

$3.50 p/linear ft.

Floor-to-Ceiling Drape

$6.00 p/linear ft.


Dance Floor (24' x 24')


Dance Floor (32' x 32')


Fork Truck (includes up to 4 hours of complimentary fork lift operator labor)

$275.00 each


Fork Truck Operator

$35.00 p/hour

Grove Lift

$200.00 each

Grove Lift Operator

$31.00 p/hour

Additional Staging w/skirt

$45.00 p/section



Questions? Contact our sales team at sales@lepfa.com. A member of our sales team will contact you within one business day.