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Internet Services

Fee-based WiFi options are available for all of our guests at the Lansing Center. Each option delivers a wireless connection speed to suit your usage.

WiFi Option 1:

1 Mbps Service
Upload rate .5 Mbps/
download rate 1 Mbps
Recommended for:
Basic email and web browsing
no streaming ability

Available for:
$2 per hour (one contiguous hour use)
$10 for one day
$15 for two days
$20 for three days

WiFi Option 2:

6 Mbps Service
Upload rate 2 Mbps/
download rate 6 Mbps
Recommended for:
Most internet viewing experiences, including Skype
limited streaming ability

Available for:
$40 for one day
$70 for two days
$90 for three days


WiFi Option 3:

Maximum Speed
Highest level of wireless service offered
Recommended for:
Limited video streaming, multiple stream Skype

Available for:
$300 for one day
$500 for two days
$700 for 3 days

WiFi Option 4:

Upload rate 500 kbps/
download rate 1,000 kbps
Recommended for:
Basic email
No streaming ability

Available for:
$2 for each 60 continuous minute period


Connection Instructions

Follow the instructions below to purchase the Lansing Center’s Wireless Internet Service:

  • Open a web browser (Must be at Lansing Center)
  • A Lansing Center Wireless system sign-in screen will automatically open.
  • Select “Click here to Register.”
  • Fill out all required fields on the registration form and click “Create Account.”
  • A new screen will appear with the ability to select a Wireless Option and view discounted pricing for multiple day use..
  • After selecting a Wireless Option, a payment page will appear. Please have a credit card available.
  • Once payment has gone through, you are connected.

Please note, the internet service may only be purchased on the day of your event; it is not available for order prior to your arrival.


Questions? Contact our sales team at sales@lepfa.com. A member of our sales team will contact you within one business day.