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Labor Services

We take pride in providing outstanding service to our clients. Our labor services team is professionally trained and comprised with certified experts in their respective fields.

The hourly base rates and conditions for A/V labor and facility labor are detailed in the sections below. Have questions? Please contact your event coordinator or sales representative.

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Please note the Lansing Center has collective bargaining agreements with IATSE Local 274, AMTA Local Unit 1 and UAW Local 2256. 

(All positions have a four (4) hour minimum and after eight (8) hours the premium rate (overtime) is applied).
  • AV Tech: $37 hourly, $55.50 Premium, $74 Holiday
  • Camera Operator: $37 hourly, $55.50 Premium, $74 Holiday
  • Lighting Tech:  $37 hourly, $55.50 Premium, $74 Holiday
  • Audio Tech:  $37 hourly, $55.50 Premium, $74 Holiday
  • Riggers (come in pairs):  $38.50 hourly, $57.75 Premium, $77 Holiday
  • Open-Steel Rigger (come in pairs):  $47 hourly, $70.50 Premium, $94 Holiday
  • Stagehand:  $32 hourly, $48 Premium, $64 Holiday
  • Forklift Driver:  $34 hourly, $51 Premium, $68 Holiday
  • Department Heads:  $75 hourly, $75 Premium, $100 Holiday
  • Electrican:  $75 hourly, $75 Premium, $100 Holiday

For all classifications above, work performed after five (5) hours and unless or until the workers receive a one (1) hour meal break, shall be paid the prevailing overtime rate.

On a call of 12 hours or more a second meal break of 30 minutes shall be given after 10 hours. A penalty of double time shall be imposed until such time that a break of 30 minutes is given.

In order to keep the workflow continuing the client may provide a free meal and paid time (30 minutes) to consume the meal. In this event no meal penalty shall apply.

Facility Labor

A client will be charged for facility labor ($21.00 per hour, per person with a 4-hour minimum) for the following reasons:

  • The client is allowed one room set per room and is given a work order that outlines those sets. The client then signs the work order provided by the Event Coordinator. Should the client want to change a set upon their arrival, they will incur facility labor charges. For example, changing the size of the stage, the way the chairs are set, etc.
  • The client will be charged facility labor if there is a need to turn a room over in the same day. Please speak with your event coordinator about room changeovers.
  • The client will be charged if dedicated facility labor is necessary for their event. For example, if we need to open and close the air walls in their meeting rooms, empty excessive amounts of trash, mop up oil/water spills.
  • A client will be charged facility labor for cleaning fees as well. For example, if a client leaves their room in an unacceptable manner, such as excessive trash left behind, confetti, balloon removal, human sickness, etc.

Lansing Center policy prohibits the members of the facility staff in assisting vendors with moving into or out of the building.


Questions? Contact our sales team at sales@lepfa.com. A member of our sales team will contact you within one business day.